About Us

We are passionate about art! Our passion led us to open Glazing Go Nuts pottery studio way back in 1999. We saw the need for a creative space for people to come and do art in a fun, relaxed environment. Paint your own pottery was the perfect medium to make functional art with amazing results. Here was a place that anyone from kids to adults could come in and express themselves artistically. To meet the growing demand for more creative expression we added a beading section to our small studio in 2003. Beading was experiencing a renaissance at that time and the demand for unique beads grew which eventually lead us to taking over the adjoining space and opening the Garden of Beadin’. One of the most popular items were the unique selection of hand crafted lamp work glass beads. As beads fell out of favor we looked for something new to offer our dedicated customers.

Art grows and evolves in ways you can’t predict and by a stroke of the brush canvas painting became another form of artistic amusement in our studio. Customers can now come in and choose a painting from a varied selection of themes and paint it using acrylic paints on canvas. How satisfying looking at painting hanging in your kitchen that you painted! To accommodate all these project areas and allow for ideas to add more we decided in 2016 to rebrand our business as OBX Art Studio. The Outer Banks center for creative expression and high quality family time!

Art Unplugged