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Pricing at OBX Art Studio

Here is an outline on how our pricing works.

Pottery: The studio cost is $8.00 for adults and $7.00 for kids. This covers all of your painting supplies as well as the over-glazing and firing of your pottery pieces. The studio fee covers as many pieces as you wish to paint. Our bisque prices range from $2 to $40 with the majority of pieces running form $10-$14. The average cost of a finished pottery piece is about $25.00.

Fused Glass: Our fused glass is priced by the project. This range is from around $12-$16 for a small to medium sized project.

Our canvas painting is $20 for a small (12”X 12”) canvas and $25 for a large (11”X 14”) canvas.

We also offer custom painting and can price out a custom project for you. Remember, no reservations are necessary, just come on in and enjoy some creative time with your family or friends. Don’t forget that you can enjoy a coffee or snack from the Front Porch Cafe next door.

The Power Behind Mandalas.


Mandalas are absolutely, one of the most beautiful art figures I have ever seen. Every single one is very unique, just like a snowflake! There’s several different sizes and designs, not to mention the line work is always so free and whimsical but yet, so complex. There’s so much that makes up a Mandala, especially the meaning.

Mandala means circle. In Buddhism and Hinduism, mandalas solely represent the whole universe and our very strong relation to it. For instance, they were and are still used as meditation tools, to help man be one with the universe.

Creating mandalas can be your own form of meditation too. Mandalas are so visually appealing that they are able to absorb your mind to the point where you’re at an absolute spiritual state so no negative thoughts can pass through. That’s the mandala’s power! They’re supposed to hypnotize you to bring you to a higher consciousness. This allows your mind to feel lighter, more calm and free.

What’s another awesome fact about mandalas? Any color you want to use to create one adds several different meanings to your mandala!

  • red – strength, high energy and passion
  • orange – creativity, transformation, self-awareness and intuition 
  • yellow – learning, wisdom, laughter and happiness
  • green – physical healing, psychic ability, love of nature and caring
  • blue – emotional healding, inner peace and meditation
  • purple – all things spiritual 
  • pink – love, intuition and femininity 
  • white – spiritual focus 
  • black – mystery, deep thinking and individuality 

Hopefully this can help you get started on creating your own

Meditation at its finest.

No matter where you’re from, every aspect of nature will always be intertwined with your soul. It’s what keeps us calm and at peace with our surroundings, relationships and most importantly, with ourselves. It helps us regain our internal battery, refreshes our lungs, and most importantly, reminds us of the true beauty of life and its’ deepest crevices. We can’t live without the strength of nature’s spirit and that’s why meditation is so vital to us. It helps to connect us with the earth on a far more boundless level than most would even imagine. Meditation has become tremendously more popular in the past few years, for reasons we all obviously understand. Our society loves to consume us with absolutely anything that will cause us to think we’re less than enough. We’re an anxiety ridden, antidepressant driven, stress-induced, lovely world. Although we can’t change the negativity that surrounds us, we can look beyond it all and alter our whole outlook and lifestyle if it means for a happier, healthier and better life.

Speaking of having a better life, ever heard of… vacation? Now I’m talking real vacation. Somewhere, physically, mentally and emotionally far away from the negative spectrum of your life, where relaxing actually, for once feels like second nature. Maybe somewhere like the Outer Banks of North Carolina?

Yeah, I think so.

I know this unique beach pretty well, too well. If you let it, it’ll grasp so tightly to your curiosity and invite you to wander through its’ nooks and crannies. It’ll beg you to explore, not only what the travel guides tell you to, but exactly what they don’t tell you. And please do. A vacation like this, is not just a memorable journey, but more often so, for self-discovery. We have several, very tranquil spots on this wonderful sandbar to help you with that.

And when you let yourself connect so deeply with the ocean, how I have done, you’ll be very happy you did. Simply let the breeze tickle your spirit, the salted tide kiss your feet and the pure air of the east coast cleanse your life.



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