Creative Family Time.

6 Jun 2021


I asked a long time customer to share with us her family vacation experience in the OBX while she was working on a glass project in the studio the other day and this is her story….

Art and precious time

I know from experience that a vacation can sometimes be as stressful as the real world you are so desperately trying to take a break from. You are faced with so many options of what to do and how to spend your time. Each family member has their own “bucket list” of activities they want to participate in and the pressure to schedule them into a one week vacation can be overwhelming. Throw the ever changing weather on the OBX into the mix and it can be truly maddening!  We see families like us all around the OBX just as discombobulated from choice overload as we are.

For the past 6 years we have made it a family ritual when we are in the OBX to make our first stop at OBX Art studio. Here we have a creative space that we can all be together while doing our individual art projects. We used to do a big family platter with hand prints on a beach scene background  to commemorate our annual OBX vacation but the kids are “over that” now and more  enjoy working on their own projects. The relaxing studio gives us the pause we need to discuss the options of how we want to spend our week and come up with a plan. The big reward is when we are leaving town and stop for a coffee for the road at the Front Porch and pick up our finished projects. Looking at each others pieces we all have fun admiring and sometimes laughing at our creations. This ritual always bring us closer as a family and lets us appreciate our individuality! As the year goes on our artwork serves as a touchstone of our families growth and quality time spent.

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