Adult Coloring Books.

26 May 2021


I went into my local art store last week to purchase a few colored pencils that I needed to replace worn down ones and maybe add a new color or two. I was shocked by the look on the shelves.  They looked as though they had been ransacked! Most colors were entirely sold out and the ones that were left were out of order and down to ones and twos of a color. I asked the sales person what had happened to their colored pencil section and she replied with an exasperated  tone “oh yeah, the adult coloring craze has us sold out of every  form of colored pencils, markers and pens”

I had to see what was behind it so I went over to my local book store and  spent over an hour trying to choose from among hundred of books with themes ranging from the fantastical to the mundane. Suddenly bookstores all over the country were taken over by this craze! I selected a book titled Bollywood that was filled with beautiful Indian patterns that I envisioned coloring in various hues of pink and orange. I sat down to color and immediately felt the familiar reduction in stress that accompanies the act of doing art. The repetitive action of filling in the blank spaced did indeed feel meditative and relaxing but there was something missing.

I began to realize that missing was the feeling that I was creating something.  When you create a piece of original, functional art you have the satisfaction of having something that you can use or display in your home.  My afternoon tea ritual is made that much more enjoyable by drinking my tea in a mug that I painted.  If adult coloring books introduce people to the meditative process of sitting down and tuning out the world to tune into art then they are a wonderful beginning. I encourage anyone who has enjoyed adult coloring to take the next step and try indulging on a creation of your own. Give it a try and you just might find it relaxing and satisfying  beyond your wildest dreams!

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