Engaging the Hands Opens the Mind.

21 May 2021


It would be boring and redundant to expound upon how much time people and increasingly kids spend on their electronic devices. I encounter it in my own personal life as well as my observations out in the world. I find it troubling and have struggled myself to find a way to disconnect from the constant pinging of some urgent matter streaming from my device.  I think this is especially hard for kids to manage as they don’t have the mental discipline needed to  “hit the pause button” and not be distracted.

I have found that the time kids are truly free from device interruption are while they are doing art.  The process of doing art is especially valuable because it engages the hands.  When the hands are engaged the mind is free to create, discuss and experiment. I’ve noticed when I draw or paint with kids they immediately get “in the zone” and with very little hesitation jump into the making mode. I rarely witness the typical adult hesitation about messing up or not doing it well enough. For kids just the act of doing art at all is good enough. The most difficult part of the experience is when you tell them its time to clean up and put the supplies away. It is especially rewarding and even intoxicating when kids are able to witness what they have created.  It fills them with all sorts of possibility. Possibility plants the seed of creation in a young mind. There is no app for that!

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